Our Census 2010 Initiative

¡Cuéntate…Porque Tú Vales! “Because You Count, Get Counted!” is MALDEF’s Census 2010 multimedia and grassroots civic engagement initiative to empower and encourage Latinos nationwide to complete ten easy questions on the Census questionnaire and turn it in by April 1, 2010.

Every ten years the US Census Bureau counts everyone living in the United States, whether or not they enjoy the protection of legal immigration status. By law, the Census cannot share your answers with anyone, including local, state, or federal agencies, such as immigration agencies, like ICE.

The 2010 Census marks a crucial moment in U.S. history. As policymakers focus on recovering from the deepest recession since the Great Depression, an accurate census count is necessary to provide federal dollars for state and local programs that greatly impact quality of life for Latinos such as pre-schools, drop-out prevention programs, maternal and child heath care, job-training, senior services and much more.

In the past, Latinos have been undercounted because of language barriers, fears surrounding immigration status, unfamiliarity with the U.S. Census and high mobility. In the 2000 Census, three million Latinos were estimated to have been undercounted, depriving Latino communities all across America, of billions of dollars for schools, hospitals, roads and social services. In 2010 MALDEF will work to ensure that Latinos in the United States understand that participating in the U.S. Census 2010 is important, safe and easy so that the Latino community gets their fair share of federal funds, public services and political representation.

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