This November, we face a critical election, in which high levels of participation by Latino voters and their allies everywhere can send a powerful message about the importance of the Latino community and its policy views. While the hard-fought presidential election has received most of the media and public attention, the importance of the 2012 General Election also lies in critical congressional and legislative races, as well as in important policy measures on the ballot in many states. Today, MALDEF releases its recommended positions on two statewide ballot propositions in the Minnesota general election. Important issues of policy in key areas will be determined by Minnesota voters on November 6. MALDEF makes recommendations with respect to two of those measures. I hope that these position endorsements and brief explanations help you to decide how to vote on these measures. But, however you decide, what is most important is that every eligible voter take the time to decide, and VOTE. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Thomas A. Saenz
President and General Counsel

Minnesota Amendment 1: NO

This proposed constitutional amendment would limit marriage in Minnesota to opposite-sex couples.

Minnesota Amendment 1 would embed discrimination in the state constitution by barring marriage equality, restricting the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry. Enshrining irrational and invidious discrimination in a constitution is a blow to equality for all persons.

Minnesota Amendment 2: NO

This proposed constitutional amendment would require every voter to provide photo identification before being allowed to vote.

Minnesota Amendment 2 would decrease the ability to vote in Minnesota without any evidence of significant fraudulent or improper voting. The measure would have a particular impact on low-income, minority, and elderly voters. It is plainly an attempt to restrict the rights of certain groups of voters.

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