Watch "Inocente" A young woman dealing with homelessness and immigration challenges on MTV TONIGHT at 10/9c

Message from the President & General Counsel

The documentary "Inocente" is an extraordinary film, raising at once issues of arts education, homelessness, family violence, and immigration reform through its focus on a young woman with an amazingly compelling story. MALDEF is pleased to be partnering with Shine Global, one of the film's producers, and its other creators in promoting this documentary. Like so so many immigrant young people, who are receiving national attention this week through the opening of an opportunity for deferred action, Inocente has come through tremendous challenges and adversity with a spirit, talent, and commitment that are awe-inspiring. The film will trigger questions and promote progress on some critical social issues facing our nation. The film's overarching message of common humanity can help to move our society. MALDEF urges you to make the time to view this significant production.

Sincerely Yours,

Thomas A. Saenz
President and General Counsel

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