MALDEF President and General Counsel Responds to President's Address on Immigration Reform

July 1, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA – Thomas A. Saenz, MALDEF President and General Counsel, issued the following statement in response to an address on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) given by President Barack Obama at American University School of International Service in Washington, D.C.

“With his remarks today, President Obama has reaffirmed the urgency of enacting progressive immigration reform for America and taken the first step toward seeking to improve our current, flawed immigration system. The President has also challenged other leaders, from both parties, to reaffirm their understanding of the urgency and necessity of enacting reforms to achieve a federal immigration system that better reflects our national constitutional values and better serves our national interests.

Bipartisan support for immigration reform has existed in the past, and MALDEF calls upon those who have previously signed on in support of elements of immigration reform, such as the DREAM Act, AgJobs, and the Uniting American Families Act, to reaffirm their support and to affirm their belief in the urgency of enacting reform this year.

Responsible national leadership requires elected officials and candidates for political office from both political parties to reject political pandering and racial demagoguery to secure concrete steps toward a better immigration system. Both parties face serious political risks from continued failure to undertake such leadership.

Therefore, we look forward to additional concrete steps toward progressive immigration reform from the President and leaders from both parties.”

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