Last November, the Latino community and its allies exercised a substantial and oft-remarked impact on the presidential election, resulting in renewed federal interest in addressing the policy priorities of the Latino community. At the same time, the growth of the Latino voting community has caused some to introduce and implement practices to deter and even prevent voter participation. One of the most important responses to such efforts is to ensure that every eligible voter takes the time and makes the effort to participate in every election, so that we see the same high levels of participation in off-year elections as in presidential elections. Even in this odd-numbered year, there are critical decisions of leadership and policy on ballots in many states across the country. Today, MALDEF releases its position in support of an important measure on the ballot in New Jersey. Perhaps this endorsement will help to make a decision on the measure, but what is always most important is that every voter decide and VOTE.

Sincerely Yours,

Thomas A. Saenz
President and General Counsel

New Jersey Public Question No. 2 : YES.

This measure would raise the minimum wage rate in New Jersey and ensure that the minimum wage rises in the future in response to increases in the cost of living. The measure would boost the New Jersey economy and help to ensure that workers and their families have the necessary resources to enable their children to thrive and to contribute to a bright future.

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