MALDEF’s 40th Anniversary

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MALDEF was founded in 1968 during one of America’s darkest hours with the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, two of our nation’s greatest civil rights advocates. A ray of hope for the community, MALDEF sought to fulfill the critical needs for the nation’s growing Latino community through litigation, advocacy and leadership development on issues that affected children and newcomers. MALDEF’s victory in the historic voting rights case White v. Regester, significantly raised the value of the Latino vote by safe-guarding communities from at-large redistricting systems. In another landmark case, MALDEF attorneys successfully secured free public education for all school children, regardless of their parent’s immigration status.

Earlier this year, MALDEF hosted a special conference in commemoration of its 40th anniversary at the organization’s birthplace, San Antonio, Texas. The day-long conference featured MALDEF attorneys and Board members from past and present to focus on the organization’s historic legal contributions and current and future agenda in voting rights, immigration, education and employment. Past MALDEF presidents and general counsels gave welcoming remarks, followed by panel discussions, and a video presentation highlighting MALDEF’s remarkable history.

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