Access to Justice

MALDEF is devoted to eliminating barriers that prevent Latinos from having meaningful and unfettered access to challenge discriminatory policies.

MALDEF employs a wide range of tactics – including direct contact with elected representatives and government officials, cooperative efforts with partner organizations, media statements, and more to help enact laws and policies to ensure that the Latino community has equal access to the same rights and benefits available to everyone else in this society.

MALDEF has advocated forcefully for equal treatment on a number of fronts. With the Trump administration failing to put forth Latino nominees for the federal courts, we’re lobbying Congress to demand a more inclusive bench. Thanks to MALDEF’s efforts,  qualified Illinois residents can no longer be denied professional licenses based on their immigration or citizenship status. And we’ve teamed up with our partners to demand greater representation of Latinos in the film industry.

Equal opportunity is a linchpin of American values. MALDEF is committed to ensuring that Latinos have an equal chance to excel and thrive.


MALDEF ON Access to Justice

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund