Preliminary Report: Impact of Differential Privacy & the 2020 Census on Latinos, Asian Americans and Redistricting



Practice Based Preclearance Report (Nov 2019)

Protecting Against Tactics Persistently Used to Silence Minority Communities’ Votes



Know Your Rights

Know your rights if ICE agents show up at your door. 





Detention, Deportation, and Devastation: The Disproportionate Effect of Deportations on the Latino Community

This brief reviews the Administration’s enforcement and deporation policies from a Latino perspective, and assesses why the Obama Administration has earned the dubious distinction of breaking deportation records.



Latinos and the VRA: A Modern Fix for Modern-Day Discrimination

This report removes all doubt: Voting discrimination against Latinos is egregious and far-reaching.


Redistricting Manual 2010

This handbook provides a general overview, legal framework and historical data of the redistricting process. In the last census, it was clear that America’s demographics changed dramatically. The changing face of America raised important questions throughout our society, especially in electoral politics. Redistricting determines how our local school board, city council, state legislature and even congressional districts are drawn.


Listening to Latinas: Barriers to High School Graduation

MALDEF and the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC)

Listening to Latinas addresses the challenges facing Latina students in the United States today and explores ways to overcome obstacles that undermine their chances for success. Latinas are dropping out of school in alarming numbers—a pattern that has serious and damaging repercussions for their future prospects and economic security. Yet little research has been done on the particular barriers that Latinas face or the strategies that might maximize their chances for success. This report aims to start filling that gap. With this report, MALDEF and NWLC bring new voices to the conversation: those of Latina students themselves and the adults who work with them on a daily basis.


Voting Rights in Texas 1982-2006: A Report of

June 2006

The report studies evidence of racially discriminatory and exclusionary practices that continue to plague the Texas electoral system despite legal challenges and gradual progress. In anticipation of the renewal of the historic Voting Rights Act, the report concludes that the expiring provisions of the Act should be renewed for 25 years.


Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund