LOS ANGELES – MALDEF mourns the passing of Frank J. Quevedo late last month. A staunch supporter of MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund), he served as chair of MALDEF’s board for several years and on the organization’s Board of Directors over many years and terms until 2010. Quevedo was the recipient of two of MALDEF’s highest honors: in 1993 he was granted the Valerie Kantor Award for Extraordinary Achievement and, in 2008, Quevedo received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Please attribute the following statement to Thomas A. Saenz, president and general counsel of MALDEF:

“Frank Quevedo is an indelible part of MALDEF’s history. Through decades of dedicated service, he contributed strongly to MALDEF becoming the institution that it is today.  MALDEF mourns the loss of one of our own, and sends heartfelt condolences to his family.”

Please attribute the following statement to Antonia Hernández, president and chief executive officer of the California Community Foundation, and who served as president and general counsel of MALDEF from 1985 to 2004:

“Frank was a loyal friend whose steadfast support for MALDEF was vital to the organization’s success during critical years in its development. His devotion to MALDEF and his commitment to its core mission of protecting the civil rights of Latinos were deeply felt and unmatched. I was privileged to work with him during his tenure as chair of the Board of Directors, and counted Frank and his late wife, Inez, as friends and mentors.”