LOS ANGELES – Two years ago today, a violent mob – predominantly white supporters of the recently defeated Donald J. Trump — attempted to overthrow our democracy by attacking the U.S. Capitol to prevent the lawful certification of the legitimate presidential election results.

The assault on our democracy continues today by those who seek to undermine the right to vote, by those who engage in fraudulent conspiracy theories, and by those who seek to intimidate election workers.

Please attribute the following statement on the Jan. 6 anniversary to Thomas A. Saenz, president and general counsel of MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund):

“We must never forget the unprecedented, violent attempt to overthrow United States democracy two years ago today.  Catalyzed by an unprincipled and racist president unable to accept his reelection failure, white supremacists of different affiliations stormed the Capitol with violent aims toward the vice president and other congressional leaders in order to secure an anti-democratic pseudo-dictator in power.

“Two years later, we continue to see the consequences of the failure to hold accountable all of those who tacitly or expressly abetted the insurrection.  This week’s despicable paralysis of governance in the House of Representatives is a direct result of sacrificing integrity and commitment to democracy in order to pursue personal and political expediency.

“This capitulation must end.  The rule of legitimate law must know no limits of individual popularity, power, wealth, or ideology.

“At MALDEF, we know that ‘replacement theory’ and its racist resistance to the growing population of Latinos in this country lies at the ideological heart of the insurrectionists’ aims.  Insurrection apologists pursue a fundamentally Latino-phobic agenda. Ending capitulation to white supremacists must therefore include redoubling efforts to fully and completely integrating Latinos, immigrant and native-born, into our society and our polity through equitable representation in civic leadership everywhere.

“MALDEF will continue to press this pivotal step toward the defense of our great democracy.”