275 Civil Rights Advocates, Civic Leaders, State and Local Elected Officials Pledge to Support Census Participation and Confidentiality.

Every 10 years, the federal government counts everyone in the United States. Everyone. That means children, immigrants, students, and everyone in between. It can be intimidating to answer personal questions about yourself, even though your responses to the 2020 census are confidential.

But we’ve got your back. Together, we are more than 275 organizations and civic leaders from across the country standing at the ready to monitor and use every tool available to work to protect the integrity and safety of the 2020 census. ​

Do your part: Fill out the census. And while you do it, know that we’ve got your back.

Census Pledge

Do your part: fill out the census. We’ve got your back. Read the Census Confidentiality Protection Pledge below. 

Watchdog Coalition

View the list of Census Confidentiality Protection Pledge Sign-Ons (current as of 3/30/2020) below. 

Hotline Information

Questions about the Census? Call our hotlines below. For more information, visit CountUsin2020.org/hotline.

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund