Parent School Partnership (PSP) Program

MALDEF’s PSP Program works with parents and community leaders to become agents of change in their communities.

About PSP Program

Since 1989, thousands of parents have successfully completed MALDEF's Parent School Partnership (PSP) Program and now work with their colleagues to accomplish significant projects to improve our schools. Parents are our nation's best hope for ensuring that public schools educate and prepare well our future national leaders and contributors to community progress. PSP graduates join a growing cadre of PSP alumni nationwide who are helping to lead the effort to reform public schools. The PSP program provides parents with the information and advocacy tools necessary to become more effective advocates in improving their children's educational attainment, their schools, and their community.

By attending a free 12-session program, participants learn how to overcome language and cultural barriers, gain an in-depth understanding of their rights, their children's rights, and what their responsibilities are as parents in the American public education system. As a central experience of the program, participants develop group projects ranging from curriculum enhancement to community advocacy to ensure their children receive a just and equitable education that prepares them for college and career.

Parents make a great contribution to our national progress when they demonstrate a commitment to their children's success and to improving public education for all children. MALDEF welcomes you to become an important partner; a committed parent and community leader equipped with knowledge and strategic skills to advance the education that every child deserves. Join and become a leader in this ongoing effort!

Bring PSP to Your School

MALDEF currently offers PSP programs in the greater Los Angeles area in California and in Atlanta, Georgia.

Parents' Rights and Responsibilities

Education is essential to the development of every child and for the progress of every community. In the United States, every child is entitled to a free high-quality K-12 public education regardless of race, nationality, native language, gender, or immigration status, without fear of unlawful discrimination or fear of deportation.

Contact Us
For more information on MALDEF's PSP programs and training information, please contact the office nearest you. For general matters, please contact our National PSP Program Office.