LOS ANGELES – MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) is pleased to announce the recipients in its 2018-19 Law School Scholarship Program.

Since MALDEF’s founding, the civil rights organization has awarded scholarships to law students who plan to advance MALDEF’s mission of promoting and protecting the civil rights of the Latino community in the United States.

“With the most anti-Latino presidential administration in U.S. history daily embedding threats to Latino civil rights in federal policy and practice, we know that we will need many dedicated lawyers committed to serving the Latino community in the future,” said Thomas A. Saenz, MALDEF president and general counsel. “MALDEF is proud to support these scholarship recipients, a small sample of the committed law students who will work to restore Latino rights in years to come.”

Each year, MALDEF asks a national Law School Scholarship Committee of leading attorneys to help select our scholarship recipients.

“It is an honor to recognize the exceptional talents of these students. MALDEF’s Law School Scholarship Program takes pride in supporting this next generation of legal advocates and leaders.  Our country and the Latino community need their leadership and advocacy more than ever,” said Jose Sanchez, MALDEF board member, Deloitte Global’s Senior Managing Director and Americas Lead Counsel, and chair of this year’s committee. “We thank the major funders of MALDEF’s Law School Scholarship and the program’s committee members for their dedication to these scholars and to the future of our legal profession.”

MALDEF’s Law School Scholarship Program is open to application from any student enrolled at an accredited United States law school.

MALDEF’s Law School Scholarship Committee assesses applicants based on four main factors: 1) personal background and financial need; 2) academic and extracurricular achievement; 3) demonstrated commitment to serving the Latino community, shown through academic, extracurricular, or professional record of service; and 4) future plans to advance the rights of Latinos.

MALDEF also proudly announces its scholarship program for this year. Applications for the 2019-2020 MALDEF Law School Scholarship Program, due by Dec. 31, 2019, are available for download at our website, www.maldef.org.

Donations may be made to MALDEF’s Law School Scholarship Program here.

A Complete List of MALDEF’s 2018-2019 Law School Scholarship Recipients And Brief Bios Can Be Found HERE.

Jonhatan Aragon

University of California, Irvine, School of Law


Martha Cardenas

University of California, Berkeley, School of Law


Betsaida Chavez Garcia

University of Idaho College of Law


Christopher Galeano

University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law


Nicholas Gonzalez

Stanford Law School


Angelica Hernandez

University of California, Irvine, School of Law


Felipe Hernandez

Harvard Law School


Jessica Herrera

UC Hastings College of Law

Elisa Huapilla

Ave Maria School of Law


Erik Jimenez Rodriguez

University of California, Irvine, School of Law


Leslie Joya

University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law 


Kelly McClure

Yale Law School


Ricardo Morales

Columbia University School of Law


Enrique Martinez Ramirez

University of Texas School of Law


Ariahna Sanchez

University of California Davis School of Law