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Resolute in our commitment to the legacy of our founders and leaders over the last half century, MALDEF continues to defy expectations in our legal and advocacy work. Just recently, we successfully defeated a request by the state of Texas and several other short-sighted states to block renewals under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative.

As we reach the end of 2019, we pause to share just a sample of some of MALDEF’s most important recent work. But, before you read the stories below, I want to share one example of how MALDEF’s work made a huge difference this past year. You will not read this analysis in any newspaper or online journal, but it shows how MALDEF’s tenacious commitment to racial justice matters — and delivers a tremendous impact…

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Our History

Celebrating a History of Women Leaders at MALDEF​​

Ambassador Vilma Martinez (left) Thomas A. Saenz (center) and Antonia Hernández (right).
(Photo taken at MALDEF’s 50th Anniversary Gala in San Antonio, Texas.)

As we near the conclusion of Women’s History Month, MALDEF celebrates its organizational history of women in leadership. For the majority of its existence since 1968, MALDEF has been led by women as president and general counsel. Women’s rights organizations aside, MALDEF may be the only national civil rights organization that can make that claim. We spoke with two of these women leaders, women relied upon by MALDEF through their many years of leadership and all the way up to today. MALDEF’s current president and general counsel, Thomas A. Saenz, has benefitted from both these leaders as professional mentors throughout his legal career.

MALDEF’S Landmark Fight for Education Equality in Texas

For years, low-income students in San Antonio were relegated to decrepit schools infested with bats—yes, bats—where tiles fell from classroom ceilings and underpaid teachers fled as soon as they could get hired elsewhere. These schools lacked funding for classes wealthier districts took for granted such, as art and music. Basics such as math and reading in these schools were just that – extremely basic.



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